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AircraftAirlineScaleLengthWidthDetailsPrice (p/pc.)Image
Boeing 737-800Air China1:10039,50 cm34,30 cm363,00 €View
Boeing 737-800Ryanair1:10039,50 cm34,30 cm363,00 €View
Boeing 737-800Turkish Airlines1:10039,50 cm34,30 cm363,00 €View


AircraftAirlineScaleLengthWidthDetailsPrice (p/pc.)Image
Boeing 737-900Turkish Airlines1:100NEW363,00 €View


AircraftAirlineScaleLengthWidthDetailsPrice (p/pc.)Image
Boeing 747-200Air Afrique Cargo1:10070,51 cm59,64 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-200Air Force One1:10070,51 cm59,64 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-200Air Portugal1:10070,51 cm59,64 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-200Alitalia1:10070,51 cm59,64 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-200British Airways Chelsea1:10070,51 cm59,64 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-200Cathay Pacific1:10070,51 cm59,64 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-200Dragonair Cargo1:10070,51 cm59,64 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-200Holland Casino1:10070,51 cm59,64 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-200Iberia1:10070,51 cm59,64 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-200Royal Air Macor1:10070,51 cm59,64 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-200Royal Jordanian1:10070,51 cm59,64 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-200Sabena1:10070,51 cm59,64 cmOld Livery429,00 €View
Boeing 747-200Swissair1:10070,51 cm59,64 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-200TAP - Portugal1:10070,51 cm59,64 cmCS-TJB Brazil, 4 x PW JT 9D engines429,00 €View


AircraftAirlineScaleLengthWidthDetailsPrice (p/pc.)Image
Boeing 747-300Aerochasqui1:10070,70 cm59,60 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-300Corsair1:10070,70 cm59,60 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-300Dragonair Cargo1:10070,70 cm59,60 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-300Egyptair1:10070,70 cm59,60 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-300Iberia1:10070,70 cm59,60 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-300Korean Air1:10070,70 cm59,60 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-300Pakistan1:10070,70 cm59,60 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-300Qantas F11:10070,70 cm59,60 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-300Sabena1:10070,70 cm59,60 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-300Sabena (OC+NC)1:10070,70 cm59,60 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-300South African1:10070,70 cm59,60 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-300Swissair1:10070,70 cm59,60 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-300United States of America1:10070,70 cm59,60 cmAir Force One429,00 €View


AircraftAirlineScaleLengthWidthDetailsPrice (p/pc.)Image
Boeing 747-400Air Canada1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Air China1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Air New Zealand1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Air Quarius1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Alitalia1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400All Nippon Airways (ANA)1:10070,66 cm64,30 cmThe Whale449,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Angola Airlines1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Animal Flight1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Ansett Australia1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Asiana1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Bienenfless1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400British Airways1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400British Airways Hong Kong1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Cargolux1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Cathay Pacific1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Cathay Pacific1:10070,66 cm64,30 cmSpirit of Hong Kong449,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Corsair1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400El Al1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Garuda1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Japan Airlines1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400KLM1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Korean Air Cargo1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Korean Air1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400LTU1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Malaysia1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Malev1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Northwest1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400NWA1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Philippines1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Qantas1:10070,66 cm64,30 cmGrand Prix449,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Qantas1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Royal Air Maroc1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Sabena (OC+NC)1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Saudia1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Saudia1:10070,66 cm64,30 cmCargo429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Singapore Airlines1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400South African1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Swissair1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400Thai International1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 747-400United1:10070,66 cm64,30 cm429,00 €View


AircraftAirlineScaleLengthWidthDetailsPrice (p/pc.)Image
Boeing 767-200Aero Continente1:10048,50 cm47,57 cm399,00 €View
Boeing 767-200Aeromaritime1:10048,50 cm47,57 cm399,00 €View
Boeing 767-200Air Canada1:10048,50 cm47,57 cm399,00 €View
Boeing 767-200LAM1:10048,50 cm47,57 cm399,00 €View
Boeing 767-200Malev1:10048,50 cm47,57 cm399,00 €View


AircraftAirlineScaleLengthWidthDetailsPrice (p/pc.)Image
Boeing 777-200Aeromexico1:10063,70 cm60,95 cm409,00 €View
Boeing 777-200Air Austral1:10063,70 cm60,95 cm409,00 €View
Boeing 777-200Air China1:10063,70 cm60,95 cm409,00 €View
Boeing 777-200All Nippon Airways (ANA)1:10063,70 cm60,95 cm409,00 €View
Boeing 777-200American Airlines1:10063,70 cm60,95 cm409,00 €View
Boeing 777-200British Airways1:10063,70 cm60,95 cm409,00 €View
Boeing 777-200Cathay Pacific1:10063,70 cm60,95 cm409,00 €View
Boeing 777-200Continental Airlines1:10063,70 cm60,95 cm409,00 €View
Boeing 777-200Emirates1:10063,70 cm60,95 cm409,00 €View
Boeing 777-200Flag1:10063,70 cm60,95 cm409,00 €View
Boeing 777-200JAL1:10063,70 cm60,95 cm409,00 €View
Boeing 777-200KLM1:10063,70 cm60,95 cm409,00 €View
Boeing 777-200Korean Air1:10063,70 cm60,95 cm409,00 €View
Boeing 777-200Lauda Air1:10063,70 cm60,95 cm409,00 €View
Boeing 777-200Qatar Airways1:10063,70 cm60,95 cm409,00 €View
Boeing 777-200Singapore Airlines (SIA)1:10063,70 cm60,95 cm409,00 €View
Boeing 777-200Turkish Airlines1:10063,70 cm60,95 cm409,00 €View
Boeing 777-200United1:10063,70 cm60,95 cm409,00 €View


AircraftAirlineScaleLengthWidthDetailsPrice (p/pc.)Image
Boeing 777-300ERAir India1:10073,90 cm64,80 cmNEW429,00 €View
Boeing 777-300ERCathay Pacific1:10073,90 cm64,80 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 777-300EREmirates1:10073,90 cm64,80 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 777-300EREtihad1:10073,90 cm64,80 cm429,00 €View
Boeing 777-300ERKLM Royal Dutch Airlines 1:10073,90 cm64,80 cmNEW429,00 €View
Boeing 777-300ERSwiss International Airlines1:10073,90 cm64,80 cmNEW429,00 €View
Boeing 777-300ERTurkish Airlines1:10073,90 cm64,80 cmNEW429,00 €View