Manufacturers and Suppliers of High Quality Aircraft and Airplane Models in Diverse Ranges and Scales


Producers and Distributers of High Quality Aircraft and Airplane Models from 1:5 to 1:25, 1:50, 1:100, 1:200 and 1:500 scale for Aviation Industry, Airlines, Private Collectors and Aviation Enthusiasts. Our customized aeroplane models are tailored to perfection that makes an impressive tool for indoor and outdoor marketing, advertisement and publicity and a great memento for Aviation Enthusiasts, Fans and Private Collectors             

Our customized aeroplane models are manufactured from various materials

Plastic Snapfit Models

  • Scale: 1:100 to 1:200
  • Material: Plastic snap-fit
  • Packing: Coloured 4C box
  • Branding: As per request

Desktop Scale models

  • Scale: 1:20 to 1:200
  • Material: Resin or Wooden
  • Foot/Stand: As per request from our offer
  • Packing: High quality layered box with handle
  • Branding: As per request

Super Scale Models

  • Scale: 1:50 to 1:100
  • Material: High quality polymer
  • Foot/Stand: As per request. Tripod for 1:50 scale
  • Packing: Premium quality and Scale determined
  • Branding: As per request
  • Registration number: As per request
  •  Registration name: As per request

Giant Scale Models

  • Scale: 1:5 to 1:25
  • Material: Fiber or Carbon reinforced plastic
  • Manufacture: Exclusive in-house production. Tailored to Perfection
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About us – Who are we

Journey of Aviation Trading Hamburg (ATH) began in 1993. Soon it reached runway without any disruption and finally took off, smoothly! Since then ATH has been striving for its customers, producing superior quality aircraft/airplane models.

We at ATH are committed to provide aviation industry and enthusiasts with high quality aircraft models in various ranges. Right from plastic snap fit to inflatable’s and super scale to giant scale models in varying range, manufactured from diverse materials. Every customer has a specific requirement and budget. Hence our team is always ready to provide customized solutions that suffice demands of our clients. Right from scale to registration number, livery to packaging and everything in between, we provide airplane models with tailored solution as per requested quality.

All this requires dedication and realizable yet sound planning and this is what our team consist. Our sincerity and commitment has made us win trust in Aviation Industry that has now extended to airport shops, private collectors and aviation enthusiasts making us one of the largest suppliers in Germany and Western Europe and in providing VIP aircraft models, produced on-demand and tailored to perfection.

Currently, we are one of the very few companies in world to produce Giant Scale Models from 1:5 to 1:25 scale aircraft model, making it a marvelous tool for aviation industry and showcase of our Mastery.

Throughout the years, we have been earning trust in world of aviation through quality commitment and honoring enthusiasm, that has kept us flying and we are dedicated to continue, to fly high…